Thanks for your work on this efficient social media tool.

Would you consider adding support for Pinterest and / or Storify ..
thanks again


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Would be a useful addition to a great module.

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I would also love to see Pinterest added to this module!

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Title: Pintarest and Storify » Pinterest and Storify
Version: 7.x-1.0-beta9 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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this would be a great add-on!

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Pinterest +1

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dddave thanks for your work w. social media..
I'm wondering if I'm missing something.. I'm not seeing a reference for pinterest .. i downloaded the beta11 then the -dev version and it doesn't appear..or at least obviously so.. I'll continue to look for it.. thanks be great to add the ability to 'pin this' etc

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Well, I am not putting any actual work into this module. I was just updating this issue so that it pops up in the right spot for the maintainer. I am neither a maintainer nor affiliated with LevelTen.

At the moment it seems that LevelTen has no time/interest in doing work on this module and that is just fair. The best way to get something done here is to provide a patch integrating those services. The alternative is just to wait until TomDude or some other coder from LevelTen comes back to this module.

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alright, dddave ..thanks for the clarification.. I'll look for other resolutions to the addition of pinterest.. appreciate your quick response.. thanks..

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Status: Active » Needs review

I have added support for Pinterest. In all honesty, I am not as familiar with Pinterest as some other sites and there are some tricky differences with how to implement sharing with Pinterest, e.g. the Pin it button. So I would like to get some testing before putting it into a release. The additions are in the dev branch.

Here is what I have. I added Pinterest as a profile. That is fairly straight forward. The Pinit is the tricky part. For the standard pinit button you have to specify not only a page but which image you want to pin. All other sharing widgets require just a page. So I implemented a javascript code that takes the page and an argument and displays gallery of images on the page to select for pining.

I also implemented the AddThis Pinit button. It works in a similar fashion.

Please test, and let me know how it works for you.

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Very cool!

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tomDude48 .. Big Thank You... its Huge to have pinterest integration.. appreciate your work.. I'll let you know how it works out.. Again, thanks

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I still see an error here with Pinterest. Would you mind explaining what is the expected node format to share (or pin)? I get the following error:

Sorry, couldn't find any pinnable images or video on this page.

When the node has the image attached and inserted in the text body, what would be the reason that the image is not recognised?

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I just get the confirmation that while a few days ago Pinterest was still working normally. I do not know of any change in Drupal that would be related to this error.

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When I look at the Pinterest Goodies page, there were changes:

  • js URL has changed
  • there now is an obligatory extra URL to the image you want to pin

The thing must be failing because the Image URL is missing as parameter.

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