I am using Nodestream 7.x-2.0-alpha7 but when I create a custom Image Style inside admin->Config->media->image style->create new style. But my custom image style is not appearing inside my Content type->display fields-> media options nor even inside view where image size options dropdown allowed to change image style.

I guess its taking from ns_styles and only allowing the default styles. How do I use my custom image styles for media options?


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The image styles are not the same as media styles, media styles are defined as view modes on the File entity. NodeStream defines some more view modes on files in order to get this to work. You can create more view modes with something like Entity view modes.

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I didn't check nor install nor tried it, but I am in the process of getting Nodestream to work with a responsive theme [Omega], and would like to implement Adaptive Images Adaptive Images. It says:

If image styles work on your website, this module will too.

So I would like to know if and how Image styles work on a NodeStream install?

In the comment above you just explain that Image Styles are not the same as Media Styles, and you are explaining how to learn more about Media Styles, yet the Topic starter clearly asked about creating an Image style.

Can you tell me if Adaptive Images would work with Media Styles? Or how to get Adaptive Images to work with NodeStream?

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