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SHA-1: 1b999a5d4fa2136017fd854c243570c69304aaaa
SHA-256: b0de06e9cafc40412a1970b0be6d38a0b85d69c05eeaca20f3e29a12850b83b7
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SHA-256: 2251120f92e7d830683b3af567f39036b6b729a871b73ee73c84dcab9679bd54
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Release info

Created by: dawehner
Created on: 20 Feb 2012 at 22:53 UTC
Last updated: 20 Feb 2012 at 22:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This release concentrated on major bug fixes, fixing of tests and some better documentation of the code.
Here is a list of the changes.

The next release will get some new features again, which are already in the issue queue, which didn't get in this time.

Changes since 7.x-3.1 (95 commits):

  • #1021590 by gridbitlabs, llslim, dereine: Make contact link working again
  • #1445702 by dereine: Don't show the grouping options as long no grouping field is selected
  • #1445694 by dereine: Test views_handler_field_user_name
  • document views_display::display_options
  • document view::core, view::api_version and view::disabled
  • document two variables in viewsUserTestCase
  • 1443920 by chi: Update view to link to the views modules on
  • '1273486 by dereine: Tests nearly all views_handler_field::advanced_render empty behaviors
  • #1273486 by chx, derhasi, kmcnamee, imclean: Let empty text work in "hide rewrite if field is empty" is checked
  • document view::row_index
  • document ViewsHandlersTest::assertEqualValue
  • document views_plugin_display::get_plugin
  • #1274300 by dereine, tobiasb: Validate that the exposed items per page contains the non-exposed items per page at least
  • Document view::human_name
  • document view::tag
  • document relationship on views_handler
  • #1443692 by dereine: Groupby numeric argument didn't worked with dbtng escaping
  • #1430068 by dereine, Pasqualle: Remove any from required exposed filters
  • #1443150 by jalama: The views-sql-signature uses a wrong description in the options
  • #1393752 by dereine: Clear the title on arguments when the checkbox on unchecked
  • #1411478 add description to the view object so using a template works
  • take sure that the text area handler test doesn't fail on a random input
  • #1437122 by dereine: Don't show the missing join: rand message
  • #1360186 by davidwhthomas: Don't include spaces in row class tokens
  • #1424762 by amateescu: Add view as argument to contextual links
  • #1417676 by hiphip, dereine Use proper field aliase in the field_comment_depth
  • #1429426 by dereine: allow to set style options from the wizard
  • #1438986 by das-peter, dereine: Some field language conditions are missing in the query, so replace both the special tokens and get all language fallbacks in
  • #1425184 by dealancer: Use dbtngn condition instead of where in op_word in the string filter
  • #1425058 by dereine: Use bypass node access instead of adminster nodes on the node status filter
  • #1426094 by joachim: Allow handler form to use other handlers
  • #1422230 by Dave Reid: Pass on destination on the wizard page to the actual view page.
  • #1108932 by wardv, dereine: Fix some updates for views2 to views3 for really old installations of views
  • #1377954 by MiSc: Allow to customize field HTML for fields and user-picture fields
  • #1241280 by thekevinday: Use entity_id instead of entity_id to get grouping on the field level actually working on fieldapi fields.
  • #1292386 by dereine: Use entity_load on all comment link handlers
  • #1412734 by dereine: Don't use view::load but views_get_view directly
  • by dereine: Fix notice when grouping a non multiple field
  • Move trimming after the token replacement
  • #1425378 by dagmar: Allow the field handler to override the form-row-id nd form-element-name in the handler, but still be backward compatible
  • #1427084 by dereine: Use options-group instead of constant 0 in some filter handlers
  • document use equal on boolean filters
  • #1235994 by dereine: Follow up: Allow to strip the tags so grouping by date works all the time
  • #1424744 by dereine: Fix notice for group_rendered
  • #1427252 by joachim, dereine: Add 'is null'/'is not null' to user roles filter with a good description
  • #1426624 by beck24: Only cache by language name not by language object
  • #1218704 by dereine, hydra: Add an optional read-more link to fields if they are trimmed
  • #421842 by jmonkfish, Moonshine: Allow imported views to overwrite existing views
  • #1424654 by joachim: improve documentation of the options form in views_handler_filter
  • #1423260: Don't break if the query object couldn't be initialized
  • improve the link to the user-profile api page
  • #1422680 by dereine, hydra1: Provide a user_view row plugin
  • '1403188 by dereine: Choosing a filter with 'contains any word' but not providing a default word gives a SQL syntax error and 1326403441
  • #1403662 by dreeine: Fix undefined index: type in default_summary_form
  • #1418852 by dereine: Fix Division by zero in views_handler_area_result->render
  • by dereine: Fix the sort by date test. This was the last breaking test!!.
  • by dereine: Fix jump menu ui tests
  • fix views_module.test
  • by dereine: Fix the upgrade tests
  • small comment fix
  • fix the groupby tests
  • #1408656 by mkadin: Add an Output format for field: Comment: Approved and field: User: Active
  • #1407866 by dereine: Fix some notice when validate style plugins without grouping field
  • improve comments for plugin_query
  • by dereine: Allow relationship definitions to add extra to the join.
  • #1416018 by ksenzee: only show big scary SQL rewrite warning after the user checks the box.
  • small documentation for views_handler_field::get_value
  • #1012584 by letharion: Allow to filter by term description
  • #1224616 by dellintosh: Fix notice for #id with filters which don't set the #id
  • fix pager test
  • Fix string filter test
  • #1376686 by nod_: Fix ajax view in the overlay
  • #1413200 by dereine: Take sure that is loaded
  • add test to prev commit
  • by webflo: show unicode boolean characters
  • change hook-views-api docs
  • #1412700: remove accidental whitespace.
  • by dereine: Enlarge also the view name size in the ui. The database was already done
  • add a embed view display
  • fix notice
  • add machine name handler
  • remove a call to debug and replace it with vpr
  • correct documentation about views_plugin::display
  • small comment about plugins
  • document all kind of handlers in the view object
  • document some fields in style_table
  • note about for plugins
  • some additions to plugins documentation
  • document db_table on views_db_object
  • #1410368 by catch: Make ->args consistently available in hook_views_pre_view()
  • #1137892 by thegreat: Added missing option in option_definition.
  • Revert "Issue #1137892 by thegreat: Added missing option in option_definition."
  • by dereine: document hook_views_ajax_data_alter
  • don't call rdf_get_namespaces if the module doesn't exist


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