For Drupal 7.12, I installed Pathauto & Global Redirect.

I saw that if we install "Path redirect" then this settings becomes visible:
"Create a new alias. Redirect from old alias."

But Path redirect doesn't have Drupal 7 Port. There is Redirect module.

* Doesn't Global Redirect do path redirection from old alias to new one?
* If i install "Redirect" module, can i redirect old aliases to new ones automatically?

Thank you for help.


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I installed Redirect module.
Settings page of Pathauto didn't change.

I went to "/admin/config/search/redirect/settings"
I became sure that this is checked: "Automatically create redirects when URL aliases are changed."

Then i changed a title of my node.
Then alias of node changed.
But when i went to "/admin/config/search/redirect" there is no redirect line in table.
It is empty. What should i do more for path redirection?

Thank you

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Hi folks,
I also have the same issue as mentioned in #1 .Subscribing.

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Hi Folks,
I installed Global redirect module and it works for me.It redirects the old urls to new urls.

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