For Drupal 7.12, I installed Pathauto & Global Redirect.

I saw that if we install "Path redirect" then this settings becomes visible:
"Create a new alias. Redirect from old alias."

But Path redirect doesn't have Drupal 7 Port. There is Redirect module.

* Doesn't Global Redirect do path redirection from old alias to new one?
* If i install "Redirect" module, can i redirect old aliases to new ones automatically?

Thank you for help.


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I installed Redirect module.
Settings page of Pathauto didn't change.

I went to "/admin/config/search/redirect/settings"
I became sure that this is checked: "Automatically create redirects when URL aliases are changed."

Then i changed a title of my node.
Then alias of node changed.
But when i went to "/admin/config/search/redirect" there is no redirect line in table.
It is empty. What should i do more for path redirection?

Thank you

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Hi folks,
I also have the same issue as mentioned in #1 .Subscribing.

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Hi Folks,
I installed Global redirect module and it works for me.It redirects the old urls to new urls.

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As naveenvalecha commented above, using the combination of Pathauto, Redirect, and Global Redirect will solve this problem. Since this issue now appears to be solved, and the project page correctly recommends the Redirect module for Drupal 7, I'm going to mark this as Fixed. Feel free to move this back to Active if you have further questions.

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