The report applies not only to 2.3 but to the dev builds available for past 3 days as well.
Path-based metas apparently do not get rendered into the final code, on a bilingual D7.12 site.
Ticked: copyright, description, keywords.
Default fields (meta_keywords, etc...) + custom one "field_author" (named as instructed, but this one does not appear as checkbox for ticking, why?), all not hidden, tested with various formatters.
The paths follow the pattern en/* to enable global metas per language. Paths suggested to admin by clicking the secondary tab do not work as well.
Tried to enter * alone as a path (without leading lang code), but this is not allowed (why?).
Auto settings: Global keywords do not render as well, no edit field to enter default keywords.
Isn't it a total mess-up and disaster on that little setup? :)


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Changed into a support request
I managed to get the metas into the code of a particular node, however, my goal is to have global metas per language. Therefore it'd be useful to have a path expression like / or /*
Please consider for future release or advise how to handle this case.

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Version: 7.x-2.3 » 7.x-2.x-dev
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