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SHA-1: f15349a57d2b8e5fb450f8c4d9525c55885fff86
SHA-256: ad7c96996fe72f974dc9135615ad6212a01ac24adcb4844231232a642856ee91
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Release info

Created by: jhodgdon
Created on: 18 Feb 2012 at 01:14 UTC
Last updated: 18 Feb 2012 at 01:16 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Updates in this release

The changes since version 6.x-1.6 are as follows. [Note: this is exactly the same as the 6.x-1.7-beta2 release.]


The API module has been converted to use the Drupal Queue module instead of Job Queue to set up its "parse this file" jobs. So, if you upgrade to this version, you will need to install/enable the Drupal Queue module first, then update the API module (and run update.php), then disable the Job Queue module (unless you are using it for some other reason) (issue and followup issue to fix a bug in the original change).

New features

User interface updates and bug fixes

  • Links to listing pages (functions, classes, topics, etc.) are now only generated if the listing page has something on it (issue)
  • Bold formatting on lists was being too aggressive (issue)
  • Links between branches/versions weren't working for class methods (issue)
  • Move the lists of calling functions and implementing hooks to separate pages, for faster page loading on big API sites (issue)
  • Change the way line numbers are generated for files (they weren't lining up right in all cases) (issue)
  • Fix switch-branch links on search results page (issue)
  • Fix auto-complete for the case where there is a search block and a search form in the body of the page (issue)

Other bug fixes and programmer-interest changes

  • Use less memory during parsing/cron (issue)
  • Disabling and then re-enabling the module resulted in a PHP warning (issue)
  • Miscellaneous code refactoring, additional tests, moving page functions into, consolidating several page generating functions (issue, another issue, another issue)


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