Is there plans to port this module to Drupal 8 release?

I'm asking because, I'm going to write a module that will depend on it and hope to be available on D8 some day.

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any news on this?

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Working on this in spare time
Track progress here

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Title:Drupal 8» Field Collection for Drupal 8

Changed title.

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I would be interested in this module as well. Do you have an ETA? What is the progress? Is there a way I can help?

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You can ask larowlan to grant you access to his sandbox. In the meantime it's there to be cloned. Status is explained here: #2168987: Thanks

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Hi judahtanthony

Thanks for your interest in the development of the field collection 8 development.
I have opened a issue here to give you the access of sandbox for development.

Naveen Valecha

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Added judahtanthony to sandbox

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Hi lorowlan
Also I am interested in the development of the field collection.Please also add me to the sandbox.

Naveen Valecha

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@naveenvalecha - added you too
could you guys be sure to use same style commit messages so maintainer can merge cleanly later

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Thanks lorawlan I will use the same commit style messages as used earlier.

Naveen Valecha

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So is the plan to eventually merge what is being done in the sandbox back to here?

I'll likely be trying to use this in the next few weeks on a new D8 site I'm building and thus be helping to do whatever I can. Anything I should know about development at this point before I jump in and potentially start writing patches? Are any other major rewrites anticipated?

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Yes I think the sandbox will be merged back here. I haven't heard of any work outside of it being done for Field Collections in Drupal 8.

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Will the sandbox project be merged here anytime soon or is it possible to get access to the sandbox project?
I would like to use this module in a drupal 8 test/dev environment.

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Pinged the maintainers

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yeah, sure this should be merged back -also history seems to be clean enough so it can be taken over. Is this a direct port or are there some changes in the architecture?

I remember there was some discussion about an improved version, maybe also another namespace. larowlan, do you know more about that?

Howsoever, adding in a direct port seems to be fine - even if there will be another improved version later or somewhere also.