Warning: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in drupal_validate_utf8() (regel 1600 van /var/www/quadrupal7/includes/
Notice: Array to string conversion in filter_xss() (regel 1366 van /var/www/quadrupal7/includes/
Notice: Array to string conversion in format_string() (regel 1552 van /var/www/quadrupal7/includes/

Element output:

<div class="form-item webform-component webform-component-markup" id="webform-component-testing-markup">
  <label for="edit-submitted-testing-markup">Array </label>
  <p>Check out <u>this</u> <strong>markup</strong>.</p>

Why is there a label in a markup element? (I can't disable it.) And why is it an array?


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I updated from 3.11 and it was a bug then too. Same exact errors.

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Can you describe steps to reproduce this problem? If I can recreate it, then finding the source of the problem is a lot easier.

The markup component still has a label in the admin-interface so that it can be referenced in the UI, but you're right that markup components are not supposed to have a label when being displayed. In my testing (adding a new markup field to an empty webform node), I can't reproduce this problem.

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I added elements of all types. (I did that after updating from 3.11 to 3.15.) All elements worked, except the markup element. I didn't do anything special.

If I try in an almost vanilla Drupal, I see no errors or Array anywhere... Maybe it was due to the update or the previous (old: 3.11) version?

Markup in a fieldset also works. And the fieldset label itself as well. (There was something wrong with that too...)

And to top it off, when I create a new webform, the markup element works... Nice.

Sorry =) Consider this closed.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Hm, okay. Please reopen if you can provide a way to reproduce the problem.

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Actually, I found out it's better to leave issues open so that other people can find them if they're looking for the same thing. After two weeks, the magic machine closes it automatically. That's why I didn't close it myself =) Just a tip from your friendly neighbourhood Drupalist.

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active

I wish I could provide more detail but I simply enabled civicrm theme admin module that comes with civicrm. I am also using webform civicrm.
Notice: Array to string conversion in format_string() (line 1525 of /home/xxx/public_html/beta/includes/

Location: /admin/modules/list/confirm
Referer: /admin/modules

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Hi @sonicthoughts, this probably isn't the right place to get help on your particular problem. Even though its the same error, it's coming from a very common, shared part of Drupal's code. You should file a new issue with CiviCRM and/or Webform CiviCRM, with instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Reclosing. Cannot reproduce in webform's code.