Status message

We started eresus as small new media shop in Athens, Greece, in 2007. Today we're taking on projects on an international scale.

Our team consists of experienced Drupal developers, web strategy and communication consultants, a copywriter and our art director.

We are passionate about Drupal and obsessed with adding meaningful content to the web.

We aim to provide much more than technical assistance to our customers. We offer end-to-end solutions which stimulate productivity, development and growth.
Actually, we don't just develop websites. We create concepts.

We have introduced a "conceptual web" approach because, for us, communication on the web always starts with a concept.

Drupal contributions


Having acquired official partnership with Acquia, we are able to bring to the Greek community the full program of trainings, including course documents and presentations. This program is expected to give sitebuilders, developers and themers a chance to boost their skills on Drupal