I am really loving Full Calendar and was thinking it would be really great to have a mini calendar block that mimics what the calendar module does. I initially made a block display for my full calendar, but it doesn't look as mini or clean as the calendar module one, because the titles take up too much space and make the calendar very long.


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There was some discussion of this here: #1175868-18: Provide minicalendar block that links to the calendar page

See http://philorch.org which accomplishes this with FullCalendar and custom code.

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Thanks for the info. Going to try to figure this out. Not sure where to start though.

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I found this: http://wowmotty.blogspot.com/2011/04/fullcalendar-mini-sized.html maybe it will help some other people.

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Any updates as on how to create a minicalendar block á la philorch.org? Would need a mini calendar for a footer & sidebar block.

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I agree. We would love to have a mini version of the FullCalendar that can be used as a block.