HTML5 Boilerplate v3 was just released and they changed the names of the IE classes they use on the html tag.

Zen currently uses the ones from 320 and Up, but with bugfixes.

I'd like to use the new ones from HTML5 Boilerplate.


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HTML5 Boilerplate uses: lt-ie9, lt-ie8 and lt-ie7. See

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John, Zen 7.x-5 is off the planet, probably the most awesome theme I have ever seen, I mean really, wow. World Class.

Was looking at these class name changes and noticed in forms.scss

@if $legacy-support-for-ie6 or $legacy-support-for-ie7 {
  .ie6-7 tr.even,
  .ie6-7 tr.odd {
    td {
      border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; // IE doesn't display borders on table rows

Sorry for jacking the thread, was just passing through.

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@Jeff Burnz, I show that .ie6-7 has been changed to .lt-ie8 in forms.scss in the commit noted in #2. You must have just missed that commit.

..and I'm with you on the Zen 7.x-5 love.. yay, John! So impressed :-)

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