Hi .
I have installed views 6.x-3.0 and quicktabs 6.x-3.1.
I have a view in a tab. The view and the quicktabs are in ajax mode. The view has a pager(full pager). When I click on the pager quicktabs don't works. It show a new page with a long line of code. But if I add the parameter quicktabs_= to the url manually it works fine.

When I click a tab on a quicktabs page, the url does not change. Why don't add the quicktabs_= parameter to the url ?. However when I open the link in a new window or tab the url change. How I can change the url in the same window when I click on a tab ? . That file should be modified ? Can anyone help me ?.
I attached a file with error.

quicktabs.jpeg102.99 KBnagualjj
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Title: links tabs and url rewriting » pagination with views ajax and quicktabs ajax


If I configure quicktabs in no ajax mode and views in ajax mode works fine. I can not have quicktabs in ajax mode but at least it works.

Logically in ajax mode can not change the url, since it would recharge the page.

I change the title for one more suitable.

Jose Molina

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Subscribing, same problem here.

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