I'm not sure if this is really a support request or a feature request.

I'd like to have a general place where users go to access the "file manager".

I know they can go to /imce but that shows no theme so they're likely to get lost if they go there.

They can go to /user/uid/imce. That's okay although that shows the public theme so there can be a problem with the width of the content area. We're not using user specific folders so that kind of feels like the wrong place.

They can access IMCE within a wysiwyg editor which works well but they often want to just "manage files" without editing a page.

For me the ideal thing would be for IMCE to show in the the admin theme. Is that possible?

The elFinder module adds a "Files" menu tab to /admin/content. That's exactly what I wish IMCE would do although I prefer IMCE for several reasons.

I guess I can add a tab to /admin/content and use some Javascript to make IMCE popup in a window.

Looking back, I see that I asked something similar over a year ago when I was using Drupal 6.


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I decided to create a general place like this for my users. It's not a good idea to link the path /imce directly anywhere as there's no theme included. So, I added a new content type "system" that I will dedicate to small system-level customizations like this. Then I created a new file browser node that contains iframe for /imce, similar that exist on each user account page. I provide them administration menu, so I linked this node as a subitem of the content tab.

With this code IMCE can be added anywhere:
<iframe frameborder="0" class="imce-frame" style="border: 1px solid #eee; width: 99%; height: 520px" src="/imce"></iframe>

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I agree that this would be an important thing to add. The /user/uid/imce page really doesn't lend itself to ease of use in my site's Theme. I've had to go out of my way to suppress blocks so I could get a larger width out of my theme for that page, but now I'm having issues with the height being kind of small. It seems odd that "admin" area doesn't exist.

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It does indeed make a lot of sense. This patch may do the trick. Now the menu link can be customized by going at admin/config/media/imce, under "Common settings".

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Version: 7.x-1.5 » 7.x-1.7
Category: support » feature
Status: Active » Needs review
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Here's an improved version of the patch. The new custom link is now independant of the default menu tab in the user pages (i.e. both links can be toggled independently).

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Hello, the path works well in most cases. But I was getting warnings on pl/admin/content view. It was about $account imce_user_page_access callback which was getting string in $account variable instead of object, so it was impossible to get any property from that.

So in this part:

function imce_user_page_access($account = FALSE, $user = FALSE) {
  if ($account === FALSE) {
   $account = $user;

my suggestion is:

if ($account === FALSE || gettype($account) !== "object") {
  $account = $user;