I have built a View with an export display and one of its fields is an addressfield. The non-batch export works. But the batched export stops as soon as it starts, i.e. at the message "Export is starting up". No error message is returned and the progress bar stays at the beginning indefinitely. I am not sure how to trace the cause. Has anybody else noticed the same problem with Views containing addressfields?


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Hey, I haven't noticed the exact same thing, but I have a similar problem.

My issue is that when I try to export a view containing an address field (in this case it's a Drupal Commerce order export), it exports but leaves the address fields blank. I can make anything else export, such as the customer's name or the Profile ID export, but not the billing or shipping address fields.

Anyone else see a similar problem? I wonder if this should be cross-listed on the Addressfield module page?

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I'm running into the same issue. I even removed the addressfield and I still get stuck at "Export is starting up". There are no messages in the logs for Drupal or the server. I've tried using both batch and not using batch. I hit refresh on that page and then it just started looping through the export. It would say that the export was complete but then start over again with a new id in the url.

I've checked the path where the file should be and there is nothing. There is however a file that is created in the /tmp directory of Drupal and that contains a file - views_data_exportTQ82hS_0 - but this file contains all of the html markup for that page and does not appear to be a proper csv. I'm not sure at all what is going on and am running out of debugging ideas.

Any insight or help appreciated.

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Can you try with the latest version of views data export please?

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I did update to the latest version - 7.x-3.0-beta6 and I am still seeing the problem.

I still do not see any errors when I view the data export - but when I save it I see these notices in the recent log messages:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in __lambda_func() (line 2 of /var/www/vhosts/401294-web1.myfitfoods.com/mff_staging/sites/all/modules/views_php/plugins/views/views_php_handler_field.inc(131) : runtime-created function).

Notice: Undefined index: options in views_plugin_display->get_plugin() (line 840 of /var/www/vhosts/401294-web1.myfitfoods.com/mff_staging/sites/all/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_display.inc).

The behavior is still the same. File not found when selecting not batched and just looping through the export process when I choose to use batch. It appears to be creating 3 files in the /tmp directory for each batch id. One that actually has data in it, and the other two are empty.

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Version: 7.x-3.0-beta5 » 7.x-3.x-dev
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In 7.x-3.0-beta6 I no longer see this problem but something different has come up as explained here: #1320516: Empty rows when batched with exposed filter. Not sure if they are related.

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Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 6.x-2.0-beta6
Component: Code » Miscellaneous

I was also stuck at " Export is starting up ",
but I have tried changing the theme and export worked.

Any idea what can be the problem of export with theme ?
Need way to find out this problem.


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Version: 6.x-2.0-beta6 » 7.x-3.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » Code

This problem still exists in 7.x-3beta6 version and theme change didn't fix it. I think resetting the issue settings back would be helpful at least to find this issue.

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In my experience, altering the table in SQL has fixed this. See #1067096: Export has encountered an error.

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This could be related to an incompatible version of jQuery being loaded on the client. Try disabling jquery_update if you have it enabled.

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Issue summary: View changes

We use pantheon and had some intermittent problems with exports for certain views sticking at "Export is starting up".

In our case, where the row being exported was large (having many columns, entity references, etc), we needed to reduce the batch size to solve the issue. I anticipate it was running out of memory while getting the export body ready. Most jobs would be stuck at the header status

It was very hard to find as it seems to fail silently, with no record of problems in normal log locations or feedback. Hope this helps others looking!

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