There's this core bug: #646466: Machine name generating not correctly for languages other than English
...and this related (some might claim duplicate) feature request: #567832: Transliteration in core

...that I believe can be solved with this module if we take advantage of #576180: Make the machine-name generation pluggeable. Am I correct?

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Title: Support transliteration of machine names. » Support transliteration of machine names
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Will take a look at this in a few days.

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Thanx Andrei! I'm sure that a lot of people will appreciate this. Lets us know when you have something available for testing.

I've already mentioned in #567832: Transliteration in core that I've started this issue here, but I'm not sure how many people from that issue are following this one, so if your stuck at any point try posting a comment there ;)

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Machine name part, I don't think every language should be transliterated.

e.g. Chinese "你好" to "nihao", I'm more like a custom name "Hello". Shouldn't make this little feature to be more complex. and doesn't worth to load a big data file or a ajax call for it.

I preferred this #1447860: Show machine name input if every character is replaced.

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Besides, is there transliteration for Kanji and its multiple readings? Is there something we can do about it?

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Well, ideally, we'd provide transliteration where possible, and the other issue would be fixed as well.

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Unassigning myself as I want to get transliteration in core before working on this. Anyone, feel try to take it on :)

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Status: Active » Postponed

So.. in the meantime, the basic part of transliteration actually got into core, and there's also support for machine names. Let's look at this again when we open a 7.x-4.x branch which will backport everything from D8.