The url and title given should be the one of the teaser, not the entire page.
I'm searching but reached a dead end when trying to adapt this for add this buttons.

Templates use a token [current-page:url] and in case of teaser I think [node:url] is more appropriate.
For instance, a views page of teasers with a small, but sufficient preview.

Change the issue if you don't think this is to be considered a bug.

thx in advance


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You are correct, widgets in teasers should pass the info for the node they are associated with. I put a fix in which will be in the next push. You will also have to update widgets to the latest push.

The challenge here is that sharing widgets can be placed on any page on the site, not just nodes. So it is not a simple manor of switching the token to [node:url]. I created a new dynamic structure in Widgets that supports OR structures. So now I can use [|[node:url]|||[current-page:url]] which basically means use the node:url if available or use current-oage:url if not.

Let me know if it work for you. (I should make the push later today)

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Another issue maybe is the use of the ID´s. Each ID should be different to avoid problems.
When using a CCK Token-Field with Views-Fields I get the widget for each view-row but with the same ID and wrong URL´s, the current page, instead of the node´s one.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-beta8 » 7.x-1.0-beta13

Same problem on the teaser whit panelizer : I added the widget to the teaser but it keeps giving the url and title of the entire page insted of the teaser. It works on the full page.


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Subscribing, is this fixed, as I have this problem with 7.x-1.0-beta13????