I've tried setting [title] or [title-raw] as tweet text instead of leaving the field empty but this breaks the button integration. AM I missing something or is this a bug?



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Try to Edit & Save again a content node of the corresponding node type.

I did have the same question in the beginning, but it just needed to edit all entries already done. I don't know whether there is an automated way to update all entries at once.

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Thanx for your reply! I will try.

Just out of curiosity and to sure we're on the same page, did your nodes also not show the tweet button after setting a tweet text on the settings page? And did it function correctly after re-saving all nodes?

Maybe a 'bulk operation' can be used to update all entries at once, will have to check it out.


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In the 7.x version, I decided to simply go to the database and truncate table field_data_field_tweet; Then clear the cache.