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Assuming that:

  • view name = myfeed
  • current display = feed_1
  • display plugin = feed

Views RSS provides following template suggestions:

  • Style output (these are also listed in Theme: Information on admin view configuration page):
    • views-view-views-rss--myfeed--feed-1.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss--myfeed--feed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss--myfeed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss--feed-1.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss--feed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss.tpl.php
  • "Row" output (Views RSS module does not use a row plugin, hence these suggestions are not listed in Theme: Information, although still can be used by copying original views-view-views-rss-fields.tpl.php file from theme subdirectory in module directory):
    • views-view-views-rss-fields--myfeed--feed-1.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss-fields--myfeed--feed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss-fields--myfeed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss-fields--feed-1.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss-fields--feed.tpl.php
    • views-view-views-rss-fields.tpl.php

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