I created a small module to do this, but since it is part of core, I thought it might be good to put it in feeds.module itself...



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Status: Active » Needs work

Would be nice, patch should be straight-forward.

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awesome idea. What are some sites where I can pull user pictures?

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#1568098: Delete Pictures on Feeds delete might be an issue to work on first.

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Status: Needs work » Active

I hope #1568098: Delete Pictures on Feeds delete is solved already by #1378092: User pictures are not removed properly.
Or else it will probably be solved soon by the emerging patch in #1398616: User picture not deleted after cancelling user's account.

In the meantime 2 (or possibly just 1) other issues has cropped up. Please take a look at #1734398: Imported pictures incorrectly linked to importer instead of importee