The problem:
About 2 seconds after page loads, the active pager item switches from being the first item to the second pager item. This auto advance that happens (although it shouldn't) is only with respect to the pager that's set to active; in other words, the slideshow frame doesn't change from the first to the second (correctly so). This seems to happen regardless of browser or version. This happens whether the slideshow is set to automatically advance or not. Right now we have the auto advancing of slides off, with no transition time at 0 (also happens with transition time). After lots of searching through the issue queue, debugging the JS code and not finding many clues, we're hoping we can get some help/advice on this one.

We've found this only seems to happen when a slideshow frame has an image in it. This thus seems to have to do with the image html tag in the slideshow frame.

Here are the slideshow settings:
timer delay : 0
speed: 0
initial slide delay: 0
sync: checked
cleartype: checked
cleartype background: checked
jQuery Cycle Custom Options are available
top widgets: pager: checked
weight of pager: 1
pager type: fields
pager field checked is: a CCK text field with HTML output
all other options are not checked

Drupal 6.22
Views 6.x-3.0
Views Slideshow 6.x-3.0
Views Slideshow Cycle 6.x-3.0

any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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I also have this issue.

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glad to see others experiencing this. I don't mean to rush this (or maybe i do)... but if anyone can help fix this I'll be happy to pay you for your troubles as this is pretty urgent for my use case.

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Any forward progress on this from anybody?

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For the moment I am going to try the Ajax Slideshow module . This issue may take a while to be fixed as the maintainer isn't in the best of health, so I'd advise maybe trying what I am.

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On further investigation it seems the bug is in the JQuery Cycle plugin. It seems this issue is related to the isse we're having.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Has anyone tried upgrading to the latest version of jquery cycle? The issue posted says it fixes the issue.

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I upgraded to new jcycle and it didnt seem to fix the problem.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active
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It seems this has something to do with line 325 of views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_cycle/jsviews_slideshow_cycle.js

On line 325:

          // We need to set a timeout so that the slideshow doesn't wait
          // indefinitely for all images to load.
          setTimeout("Drupal.viewsSlideshowCycle.load('" + fullId + "')", settings.wait_for_image_load_timeout);

I commented that line, and it worked for me on my current setup. By default on the page settings it had a timeout of 3 seconds, pretty close to what the issue mentioned, so I tought this might be the cause. I tried changing the setting in the slideshow configuration and incremented it to 10 seconds and more. The problem if that after the timeout the slideshow resets and goes back to the first item.

Anyway, in my case, commenting the line does not affect any other pages so far. Probably a possible patch would be to add a control variablle so that the timeout clears if all images are loaded, or remove the call from the code.

I hope this helps out.


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#10 fixed this issue for me. Thanks alemadlei!

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#10 also fixed the issue for me as well. I have not seen any adverse side effects of commenting out the line of code although I agree that something a patch of some sort should be created to fix the problem instead of modifying the code directly.

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#10 worked for me

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Wow. How annoying. I'm updating some content rotators on an old 6.x site and came across this problem.

In my case, after loading, I would select the second item, say, and a second later it would flip back to the first slide. The solution in #10 seems to have solved it at zero hour, although I'm not crazy about commenting out a setTimeout (obviously there for a reason). Anyone know if this was fixed in 7.x? Anyway, it'll do for now. Thanks, alemadlei.

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#10 fixed the problem. However, commenting out line 325 causing the slideshow to stop working in IE7 and IE8.

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removing specific domain

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Status: Active » Closed (outdated)

Support for Views Slideshow 6.x is mostly deprecated (ie bug fixes and major errors may be looked at and security issues, but not really anything else), so closing.