I love this mod and would find it useful if it could work with other formats as well as image for the file field. Would it be possible to make video & audio files work also?

I think users would find this very useful

Thanks for all your hardwork :)

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This is actually rather simple patch, as far as I can tell, if one is assuming what someone wants to embed is an HTML 5 tag (else theirs some sort of outside depedency on x y z video player). e.g. for audio files, it could insert an audio tag, and video files could do video.

I believe there's some js scripts out there to change video tags to hosted video player in older browsers, may be the same for audio.

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Here's a patch that adds the audio tag

Note that filtered HTML doesn't allow audio tag by default :/

Note: it's missing other file formats, need to look up which ones are (commonly?) supported by audio tag.

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Hm interesting. This seems like a good start, but I'm not sure if <audio> is widely supported enough yet to make it the only approach for an inline insertion. Same problem with <video>.

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For example, it looks like Firefox (still) doesn't support MP3 audio tags: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4923136/why-doesnt-firefox-support-mp...

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Perhaps auto should have settings on what tags it applies per field? That way those that want it to automatically do audio for audio can, but others don't.

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It could be useful also a simple "insert" button that adds a link to the file

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Title: Working with other media formats » Working with other media formats (insert <video> and <audio> tags)
Status: Needs review » Needs work

It could be useful also a simple "insert" button that adds a link to the file

Insert module already provides an option to insert as a link to the file.

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Yes, but, as I remember, it doesn't work if I have a file with "Media selector" widget.

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A solution for this is this module which also supports images: https://drupal.org/project/insert_video
The disadvantage is that it is a little buggy (insert button appears after saving node or pressing "add another item") and that the insert-presets are based on "view-modes".

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I needed video support for this and adapted hefox's solution to do so. It only supports mp4 and no configuration, though that could of course be added.

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Both patches are wrong implemented.
I have tried to apply them and they failed.

I removed both files and build a new patch using your code.

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I applied the patch in 11, but can still not upload files beside png, gif, jpg and jpeg. In the field settings I added mp4, but it didn't work.

What am I missing?