I am currently working on a project to connect ADempiere ERP with Drupal: I would like to display products from ADempiere database, process customer orders within ADempiere...

So far, i have thought of differents possibles ways of realising this:

-Developping a Drupal module to alter and redirect Commerce related queries to ADempiere database.
-Writing a script to sync both databases (not the best way, it would cause a heavy server load to have close to real-time changes synchronisation)
-Fully synchronising databases once and then committing changes on one database to the other in real time using HTML5 Websockets or webservices.

I'm also gonna contact egility.biz about this project.

If anyone have suggestions or advice on how to achive this, I would be grateful.



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Recently i have developed small Drupal module which shows Data from ADempiere DB. In my case this were business partners, but same principle can be applied to Products.

For me Drupal is very good application for such use cases, because it allowed me to open second DB connection directly to ADempiere ERP. My Drupal installation was using MySQL and ADempiere was installed with PostgreSQL.
I was even able to extend Drupal search functionality to search directly in ADempiere DB and to display results in a Drupal block.

Personally for me integration between CMS and ERP is very interesting topic, especially when using open source applications like Drupal and ADempiere.

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Any news on this or is openerp more easily connectable?

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We looked at various approaches and decided to use a minimalistic approach without replicating any more than necessary between Adempiere and Drupal. You can see the demo Adempiere Drupal site (http://demo.egility.biz/) that has an Adempiere at the back end driving the ecommerce store running Drupal 6.x. Next on the list is to port this to Drupal 7.x to have better support for responsive themes and more.

You can see a video done on this at the recent Drupal Con conference in Melbourne, truncated to keep it shorter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q1hQec9-No

If this of interest you can read more here http://www.egility.biz or PM me via this site.