Release info

Created by: bojanz
Created on: February 7, 2012 - 00:55
Last updated: July 1, 2015 - 19:36
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release includes the first version of the "Modify entity values" action, intended to work like the "Modify node values" action from D6.
This one works on all entity types, and relies on Entity Metadata to fetch the information about properties.
The UI is considered good enough, but not final yet. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Thanks to a refactoring, VBO no longer loads all rules components all the time, leading to a big performance increase on sites with many rules components.
In order to take advantage of the performance increase, you will need to resave your VBO views (open the view, click the VBO field, save it, save the view).
The views that ship with VBO have already been updated.

Drupal Gardens is now using VBO, which lead to a UX evaluation by Jeff Noyes. This release includes a commit that addresses a part of the feedback received:
#1363760: Reverse the order of label and group in VBO field names.
The other related issue is: #1402536: Swap operations selection with form configuration, targeted for next release (which should be 7.x-3.0). Please review the screenshots posted there and comment.

Thanks to all contributors for patches, testing, and feedback.

Changes since 7.x-3.0-beta3:

  • #1430042: Prevent VBO-specific actions from showing up in the Advanced Actions UI.
  • #1348552: Token replacement for system actions not being done on user views.
  • #1418376: Fix a notice - 'Undefined index: table in views_bulk_operations_views_data_alter()'
  • #1057158: Provide an action for modifying entity values.
  • #1363760: Reverse the order of label and group in VBO field names
  • #1414696: Allow action forms to use #ajax.
  • #1414680: Pass the entity type to action and action config forms.
  • #1411450 by derhasi: Call to a member function get_entity_type() on a non-object.
  • #1398598 by fago: beautify the default form of rules components
  • #1385222 by derhasi: Rules action to load all entity IDs of a view
  • #1402880 by bojanz, pcambra: Use a generic way of fetching results, instead of hardcoding field_alias provided by the default query plugin.
  • #1365238 by Shawn DeArmond: Fail gracefully when view name doesn't match.
  • #1188400: Refactor operation types, the sequel.
  • #1367646: Stop passing the selection to action forms, improve performance by deferring loading all items on all pages until execution.
  • #1345750 by znerol, bojanz: Fix saving entities for operations using aggregation.
  • #1329420: Undefined index: log