I'm working on a site somewhat similar to Behance.

To make you understand what I'm talking about, I'll explain a little bit;

I got a content type called say... "Content", which can go into three different categories, "Category 1", "Category 2" and "Category 3".

Then, I got a page called "Content filter" where I can see all the content in the different categories.

On this page I'm able to filter what should be shown by choosing category and time (time since uploaded content).

So if I choose Category 1 and 1 Month or something like that, it will filter the content on the page to what I choose, without uploading the page. So I would call it something like "Live content filter", I hope you get the idea.

I know how to make all this, but then it's not filtering without going to another page, and I have to make way too many views.

Hopefully someone can help me with this, would be really great.

Best regards,


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Got a great answer on stackoverflow.