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Last updated: February 6, 2012 - 21:30

Release notes

It's been too long since the last Beta. This is what we've done in the mean time:

  • Issue #1338886: Implement hook_modules_enabled.
  • Issue #1347440: Improve translation status caching.
  • Issue #1417534: Increase number of updates per cron job.
  • Issue #1200032: Use local timestamp instead of remote timestamp.
  • Issue #1392030: Error when fetching updates fails.
  • Issue #1410884: PHP Notice if a module is not released yet.
  • Issue #1164564: Increase HTTP timeout when downloading translation files.
  • Issue #1329224: Better fault handling when downloading po files.
  • Issue #1250216: Add installation recipe to README.
  • Issue #1387528: Update 'last_checked' when downloading files
  • Remove data from {l10n_update_file} table when uninstalling modules.
  • Change 'update disabled modules' radios into checkbox.
  • Issue #1187080: unnecessary presubmit handler removed.
  • l10n_update_check_translations() only checks one project.
  • Issue #1370436: Update translation on cron does not update.
  • Issue #1001554: fetch .po files for dev modules/core.
  • Issue #1260820: Inconsistant generation for message status strings.
  • Issue #1225370: Improved documentation on locally modified strings.
  • Issue #1236528: Only apply the update on a D6 database.
  • Issue #1236528: D7 upgrade path for {l10n_update_file}.uri
  • Issue #1079950: Documentation of file name conventions.
  • Issue #1187080: Translations not imported when new module is enabled.
  • Issue #1199744: Add watchdog message with details of disallowed HTML.
  • Issue #1185704: Better feedback messages during and after batch update.
  • Issue 1029554: Simplify translation update page.
  • Issue #1071068: modify l10n_update_project_list() to not do update_projects altering for us, s
  • Issue #968748: Added option to not override any existing translation.
  • Issue #1066082: Wrong default language with manual update.
  • Issue #1052672: Disabling l10n update causes download of po files.
  • Issue #1164604: Handle error response when downloading files.
  • Issue #1088168: change package name to be in line with D7 trends
  • Issue #1057150: refactor and fix Drush support, now compatible with Drush 4+
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