Download i18n-7.x-1.4.tar.gztar.gz 131.61 KB
MD5: 11b5c3a01c65cb434a2398685923b5f2
SHA-1: a0faf377822232bd86f6a266529124ada6442cff
SHA-256: 96c434316041f24a8da84d99bad199aa93271beda14d44170cc26950f0cdaa1c
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MD5: 8cde2e170ceaf5b79a7ff5b2dee19f1d
SHA-1: 25480378f2a2f484c8afd0bcf0d502e52be58852
SHA-256: 404f7b493263559595bd73d80a11f285e5a2fa7c80c83673da6d9da36b96bd23

Release info

Created by: Jose Reyero
Created on: February 5, 2012 - 19:12
Last updated: April 23, 2014 - 19:00
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Many bug fixes and API improvements.
- Minor UI improvements (vertical tabs for field translation, messages..).
- Fixed tests for testbot.
- Basic support for upcoming TMGMT module.
Full list of changes:
c70b2fd Issue #1408476 by Kristen Pol: Added help text for Translation redirect should be dependent on Multilingual content module or nothing happens for nodes.
e788741 Issue #1429118 by Jose Reyero: Add support for vertical tabs in i18n_strings_translate_page_form().
254174a Issue #1157512 by webflo, floretan: Fixed Labels are not translated with i18n_field() - Repeating warning messages.
5692e5b Issue #1286882 by webflo: Fixed Image synchronization: ALT and Title fields are incorrectly synced after tset's node edition.
fda572c Issue #1417738 by Daniel_KM: Fixed Change trid to i18n_tsid().
d496830 Issue #1410070 by webflo, nikosnikos: Fixed Call to undefined function i18n_taxonomy_allowed_values() after update.
1a55828 Issue #706462 by lmeurs, tunic, morningtime: Added Allow syncing post date.
e97bdf3 Issue #1410004 by webflo | Ranko: Fixed i18n_taxonomy_update_7002(). failed FieldUpdateForbiddenException.
07f6d61 Issue #1392024 by webflo | calculus: Fixed pager on taxonomy term pages.
48d157f Issue #1351678 by caktux, oriol_e9g, webflo: Follow menu_link_get_preferred() active trail handling for custom menus.
6c71e27 Issue #1410070 by webflo, nikosnikos: Fixed Call to undefined function i18n_taxonomy_allowed_values() after uninstalling i18n_taxonomy.
75657fd Clean-up i18nMenuTestCase.
ecbee92 Fix-up i18nMenuTestCase.
d7e885b Debugging Testbot.
bb5db79 Change hook_enable() to hook_module_enabled() for SimpleTest compatibility.
221b0d0 Moved overview page into a form, so it can be altered
936e84a Fixed typo in object constructor.
64a1d7e Added get_type() method.
d7c8915 Issue #1410458: Implements 'load callback' for every i18n object type.
825c5d4 Implements 'load callback' for i18n_object().
8313ada Issue #1408100 by camdarley, webflo: Fixed undefined variable $term in i18n_taxonomy_i18n_translate_path().
5d7c6e0 Issue #1403090 by Messenjer, webflo: Syntax error in i18n.api.php. Clean-up i18n.api.php
d96f38d Issue #1401298 by opi: Fixed Wrong call to i18n_language_name() in i18n_field()
2f8ffc3 Refresh all caches and rebuild menu after updating.