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Views RSS module provides following hooks:

  • hooks for defining new namespaces, <channel> and <item> elements and date sources:
    • hook_views_rss_namespaces()
    • hook_views_rss_channel_elements()
    • hook_views_rss_item_elements()
    • hook_views_rss_date_sources()
  • hooks for altering definitions provided by other modules:
    • hook_views_rss_namespaces_alter(&$namespaces)
    • hook_views_rss_channel_elements_alter(&$elements)
    • hook_views_rss_item_elements_alter(&$elements)
    • hook_views_rss_date_sources_alter(&$date_sources)
  • hooks for processing admin configuration form:
    • hook_views_rss_options_form_validate($form, &$form_state);
    • hook_views_rss_options_form_submit($form, &$form_state);

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