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So, the idea to make version numbers match Drupal Commerce numbers was short-lived. Apparently you cannot have incremental releases below minor releasees (i.e. 7.x-1.2.2). We needed the update to Drupal 7.12, and actually the previous commit to update to Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.2 was to a disconnected HEAD. This update fixes both problems.

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commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.3-core.tar.gz 5.45 MB 63a0765112d97b20fa512de4d3bb1d23 6.57 MB e1be93a76003bd92548070d60d28fd6c
commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.3-no-core.tar.gz 2.5 MB 4a1137c2af4c634dd513ce9fe4d637ec 3.15 MB 864182d625bde44a5c1c4c8c86255602
commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.3.tar.gz 13.32 KB 710f97153cb6883e801d63d3f66dc5c5 15.71 KB acc196a9ffc803ffd82a6a7c552948e5
Last updated: February 4, 2012 - 10:05
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In this package

Project Version Status
Chaos tool suite (ctools) 7.x-1.0-rc1
Not secure
Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.2
Not secure
Drupal core 7.12
Not secure
Entity API 7.x-1.0-rc1
Not secure
Rules 7.x-2.0
Not secure
Views 7.x-3.1
Not secure
Address Field 7.x-1.0-beta2
Update available