Hi, I am working with a test install of NodeStream (Drupal 6 Version) and I cannot get any existing Drupal pagination modules to work. I would like to have this functionality because on the site that I am developing, I can often get content that would be extremely long when viewing the page. I don't want to use a "book" type of setup as this seems sort of backwards and there are pagination modules that seem to work fine with my other Drupal installs, but for some reason when installing in NodeStream and trying different settings it is a no go.

This is the one that I am the most familiar with and had the best success using. Pagniation (Node)

Please, anyone who can assist me in making this work, I would greatly appreciate it.


C Neumann


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It didn't work for me as well;
I am not sure if there are any tricky configuration steps to follow, but I couldn't put this to work and I am trying to use this this with pressflow drupal 6 installation(if that matters..?).

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I have been able to use it for about everything including Prosepoint, but for some reason, NS doesn't like it. I wish I knew why.

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Still no ideas guys and gals? If I can hammer this one out, I am good to go.
I can see pagination elements in the panel templates, but I am pretty sure that is for a "book", not for articles/nodes.

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The main problem is probably that the pagination module only work for full node content, and not for a particular field like the body field. Since we are using panels. That probably won't work with NodeStream since we put the body field out explicitly.

You could try to go into Admin => build => pages, pick the node template, then the article variant. Remove the body field from there and try to add the "Node content" pane instead. This will probably show too many fields to begin with, but you can adjust that by going into the field display settings and make sure only the body is visible. That might work together with the pagination module, since that is equivalent to calling node_view.

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Ok I will take a shot at that and see if that does it. Thanks for the idea.

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Guys anyone got any solution?
i am also working with node variant for artical and it will displays full content seperetly + pagination. but both are not synchronized with each other.

any solution please>....