When using multiple clocks; great feature by the way! Only the time (minutes, etc) on the last clock added changes but at an alarming rate depending on how many clocks one has added. Time on the other clocks does not change. Of course, if one refreshes the browser, the correct time is displayed for all the clocks (for one minute anyway).


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In looking at clock.js in the clock module, I was able to fiddle with it to get all 5 clocks of different custom time zones to change properly to show the correct time. I moved the 'for loop' and a modified copy of the two declarations at lines 84 to 86 down into the window.setInterval(function () which was at line 89. Probably not the correct solution, but it seems to work until a re-write comes along soon.

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Wow, just saw this. Sorry for letting this slip by my attention for so long. That really is poor maintainership :(

I'll look into the suggested fix in the next few days. As you point out, I want to rewrite that whole JS stuff, but so far have not gotten to it.
That said, if you are good with JS your help would be much appreciated, I really suck at JS.

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regarding this issue please consider this too

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this is a duplicate of http://drupal.org/node/1528014.

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if minutes are displayed rather than seconds