To make this more user-friendly with many domains (in my case, using Domain Access), it would be nice to have a "Notes" or "Domain" field to specify which particular domain this verification is for.

Note: because I'm using Domain Access, my verification method is the file-upload.


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I would like to second this request, but make it even more general. I would like to request simply adding a general "Description" field to each verification that allows the admin to just make a note as to what it's for.

Here are two potential use-cases:

1) A site that has 2 different google verifications: 1 for Google Webmaster Tools, and one for Google Apps. A "Description" field would allow you to tell the two apart by leaving a note on each.

2) A site that has more than one verified Google Webmaster Tools administrator needs to have multiple verification files. In Webmaster Tools, it's possible to grant access to a domain to multiple Google users, but each one requires their own verification file (so that permission can be revoked by removing the file). A "Description" field would allow you to add a note to each verification file to indicate whose it is.

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This may also satisfy #524408: Add field for description of "Custom verification" (if I'm interpreting that one correctly).

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I agree with this post... Checked out the issue mentioned and that's a totally different situation.

Being able to change the "Custom" to a specific engine is one thing, keeping track of which verification goes to who, is a whole different ball game...

I currently have 3 different Google verifications on one site and absolutely no idea what they're for or who they go to. I know one is probably for apps, one is for my webmaster account and the other is for a co-worker's webmaster account, but which one is which?? I have no idea...

With Google, you verify apps, webmaster tools, youtube and all sorts of stuff. With webmaster tools alone, you can verify multiple users of that tool, resulting in a bunch of different verifications for each user. Would be nice to make a note of why the verification was added or who it was added for; that way 2 years down the road, you aren't looking at it going: "What the heck are those there for?" Or on a more severe note, you pick-up a pre-existing site with 5 different Google verifications and no idea what they're for. You can either play the "Get rid of them and see what breaks / who screams game" or "Leave them there for eternity even though half of them probably aren't even used game"

Point being, the verifications need some sort of "note" to go along with it that isn't necessarily publicly accessible, like putting the note in the "file".

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On a side note, check out Google Tag Manager