Last updated 5 May 2016.

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  1. Goal
  2. Skills needed
  3. Detailed steps
  4. Background and reference information
  5. Next steps: moving beyond this task

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Find a page in the Community documentation that needs attention, and fix it.

Skills needed

You need to be able to write coherently in English. Editing some pages may also require knowledge of the subject the page covers.

Detailed steps

  1. Follow the steps on the Using the Documentation Management/Status page reference to filter to a list of pages that need attention. You might want to start with a copy/style review if this is your first edit.
  2. Once you have filtered according to your choices, click on a page title to go to that page. If it interests you and you see an Edit link, click Edit. If you do not see an edit link, the page is probably locked to editing (see Background section below).
  3. When you are done with your edits, change the Page Status appropriately (at the top of the edit screen). If the page is fine, use "No known problems". If the page still needs some attention, choose a different status. Write a log message explaining what you changed, and what still needs to be done (at the bottom of the edit screen). Save the page.
  4. If the page needs some specific attention after you have done all you can, file a documentation issue (see Background section below).

Background and reference information

Next steps: moving beyond this task