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MD5: 60e5d591d567e823141650db8290394b
SHA-1: d4eb92399e036edfe9947a5e54f5fd4581f7a7e0
SHA-256: 209f359b8ba9e05205bc125cd27fa998fa3f68468dc2b886e27a054906595dd4
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Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 1 Feb 2012 at 13:47 UTC
Last updated: 30 Jul 2014 at 19:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 7.x-2.0-rc2

New Features/Major Changes

- Issue #1358790 by tim.plunkett and redndahead, Store date objects in field_load to speed up processing, with a field setting option to control it.


- Issue #1423598, Found a way to flag items that are new so we know when to add default values.
- Made some fixes to find and test the right entities when checking whether to use default values. More work is needed.
- Issue #1422600, Make sure end date cannot cause validation errors when show end date checkbox is not checked.
- Issue #1417872, Remove code to compute missing date parts from empty values now that the new validation prevents that from working.
- Issue #1417872, Make sure empty year field is validated in the same way other date parts are validated.
- Alter date field test to test with a complete end date instead of using empty elements.
- Fix broken logic in repeat additions.
- Fix test broken by date repeat clean up.
- Issue #1419106 by hanoii: Added more info to hook_date_text_process_alter().
- Issue #1209026, When date validation fails, Date Popup value is getting cleared.
- Issue #1017216 by tim.plunkett, arlinsandbulte: Added custom date format without time shows 'all day'.
- Issue #1408014 by dasjo, We no longer need the $error_element value to display errors properly.
- Issue #554546 by master-of-magic: Fix Timezone list translation
- Issue #1411038 by jhodgdon: Fixed Date formatting is not obeying granularity.
- Issue #1359464, Make sure that default values on hidden elements have the same construct as loaded values to avoid errors.
- Issue #1399744 by tim.plunkett, Rework the way filter groups are used to be sure the Date filter group does not clobber the Views filter group.
- Issue #1411862, Move the date_views_fields() function into date_view.module to be sure it is always available.
- Issue #1380350, Rework SQL query handling to pass in a comparison date for computing offsets to better handle dates affected by DST adjustments.
- Issue #1359464, Temporary fix for broken handling of repeating dates on users with a TODO to figure out where it's coming from.
- Issue #1404494 by byrond, Make sure hidden formatters don't get switched to date_default in update hook.
- Issue #1386012, Order weekdays in Date Repeat form to match the site first day of week settings.
- Issue #1376476 by pbfleetwood, Add commas to default formatting of week and day headers.
- Issue #1408430, Views pagination with exposed, unset, filters, results in invalid default values. Treat them as empty input.
- Issue #1408996, Exposed Date Popup widget with time not correctly initialized.
- Issue #1271726, Text widgets in exposed filters used with pagers produce unexpected results.
- Issue #1096000, Custom date formats not working right.
- Issue #1405364, Format interval settings were getting overridden by missing break.
- Issue #1387890, Make sure disabled fields are shown and retain their original values.
- Issue #1402232 by timplunkett, Switch 'Implementation of' to 'Implements'
- Issue #1402236 by timplunkett, All functions should be prefixed with your module name to avoid name clashes
- Issue #1402238 by timplumkett, Remove references to CCK
- Issue #1011624, Filters and arguments were not always using the right base table to select field options, causing 'column missing' errors.
- Issue #1397822, Fix 'Undefined index: field' error on line 207 of
- Issue #1396536, Repeating fields weren't getting created with Devel Generate because of the change in widgets. Add new hooks so Date Repeat Field can add the repeats.
- Issue #1397126 follow-up by arlinsandbulte, Fix broken tests.
- Issue #1397158, The default value for the end date was using the wrong timezone setting.
- Issue #1392128 by kidrobot and tim.plunkett, Don't show repeat tab unless the date is repeating.
- Issue #1397126, Add Date API section to administration menu and consolidate Date Popup and Date Tools settings there.
- Follow up to Issue #1302052 by benjifisher, More clean up of ical line endings.
- Issue #1388174 by travist, Remove redundant use of date_default_timezone().
- Issue #1388586 by Moloc, Don't use check_plain() on system messages with links.
- Issue #1302052 by benjifisher, penguin25, and helmo, Fix linespace ending problems in ical files.
- Issue #1357216, The Date Views field list was including the Date Views filter itself, creating errors about missing node.date_filter values.
- Issue #1259870, Reinstate the test for a missing date argument for the pager.
- The new option to hide the add_delta for simple fields needs to be adjusted to work right where there is no field.
- Tweak the all day formula to check for 59:59 even for items that use increments, to help fix problems when the calendar creates all day values.
- Our test for whether this is a Date argument or filter needs to include a check that the field was actually processed by Date Views. Some dates are not.
- Revert the change to 7.8. It breaks the modules page.
- Issue #1379172 by deviantpixel, Note that the Date Repeat form uses a function that was re-named in 7.8.
- Store the locale format in a static cache to avoid re-computing it dozens of times on calendar views.
- Sheesh. Fix syntax error in


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