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Business theme has inbuilt features for Superfish Drop down menu. No additional module is required.

Theme will display your Drupal Main menu in header menu bar.
Administration >> Structure >> Menus >> Main menu

Drop Menu

So, make sure you have links in Main menu.

To make drop down menu work, make sure you have enabled Show as expanded for every parent menu

Menu Expanded

Drupal 8
Making drop down menus available in Drupal 8 go to:

Administration >> Structure >> Block layout

Block Layout

Select the menu block and click on Configure and then select the Menu Levels settings according to your needs.

d8-main-menu-block.PNG23.99 KB
d8-main-menu-blocks.PNG29.02 KB

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


no longer here 1151244’s picture

Is it possible to make superfish navbar in business theme? how to change width of drop down menu

nii antiaye’s picture

Please drop down no longer works.