Notice: Undefined index: force_wall in _fb_social_likebox_preprocess_fb_social_plugin() (line 111 of /htdocs/public/www/sites/all/modules/fb_social/plugins/fb_plugin/

I'm using fb social plugin to add a likebox to the sidebar of the site, this notice pops up. Live site: , By now, I changed the php error_reporting value, so the notice may be hidden already/hopefully (small youth club site, they don't bother small mistakes :p but I'd rather have it gone.. )

#4 fb_social-php-warning-1420418.patch710 bytestoleillo
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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

editing the likebox on admin/structure/fbsocial/presets
and enabling / re-disabling the "force wall" option solved it

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs work

Just because #1 fixed it, it isn't the real fix, the update code should be fixed.

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User Story: I recently updated from previous version of fb_social to the new 2.0-beta4, and received the same error. Seems to be a bug that needs to be addressed on next code release.

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Patch to fix warning even if you don't re-submit the form.