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how do you get rid of the overlay for resume edit? anybody has an idea for a newbie?

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don't hijack the thread. kthx

to answer your question, you need to edit the and delete the line with overlay module under dependencies. then just disable it in drupal UI or using drush.

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This is fixed now. The Overlay module is optional, but will be enabled by default.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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looks like overlay requirement is still being forced in recruiter_common.module at line 34. A workaround for me was to add an if statement to check for the overlay_regions function, at least until we can remove dependency on overlay_regions function.

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@mh86 it does not seem like the dependence on the overlay module has been completely removed . I get the followinf error after disabling the module - "
Fatal error: Call to undefined function overlay_regions() in profiles\recruiter\modules\recruiter_features\recruiter_common\recruiter_common.module on line 34"

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@likewhoa, please help me out here (non-programmer), just what was the code you used?

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My bad.... I was a bit hasty. After disabling the overlay module, I had to clear the cache a couple of times before the error went away.

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@iRex, did you do anything else besides disable the overlay module and clear the cache to get the error to go away?

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@vrMarc ... i also had to modify the front page view by remove reference to overlay class. My memory is a bit hazy about the steps I took to solve this. If you hover your cursor over the job title links on the front page you will see "overlay" appended to the url; that can be removed by going into this view and disabling the rewrite results in the Job Title field - or removing the overlay class.

I also did the same with the job_search view.

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As mentioned in the comment no #2 is not available under recruiter_features module in the latest version 7.x-1.2. Also overlay class in rewrite results section is not available. Is there is any way to get rid of this irritating overlay. On disable overlay the following error shows
Fatal error: Call to undefined function overlay_regions() in /profiles/recruiter/modules/recruiter_features/recruiter_common/recruiter_common.module on line 34

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792 bytes

Attached is a patch that should be applied to the recruiter_features module -dev branch which will get rid of the overlay region call if overlay module is not installed. Keep in mind that an overlay style popup occurs either way but it's in no way connected to the overlay module since this implementation is more tied into recruiter itself.

Do test.

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if I disable the Overlay module,when viewing the jobs as a pop-up,the pop-up is empty.If I enable again the Overlay module,the job is visible.

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The patch from #12 is working as expected. Thanks