I have added content to my main page but it is not looking good
I want to add borders to all blocks in a content region
Please tell me the code required to do this
Also tell me which tpl file to edit


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You would add css to the themes css to add the borders. You can use a tool like firebug to inspect the generated page and determine what css id and/or classes you want to apply the css to.

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Could you please explain in details

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There is no need to edit any tpl.php file for what you want to achieve, but - especially in Drupal – you have to be familiar with CSS (and I emphasize the C for "Cascading"). As soon as you create a block, Drupal automatically creates SEVERAL CSS classes around it, like (depending on the theme you use)


So if you define

#block {background:yellow}

in your CSS, ALL blocks will become yellow. But every block will also have its unique CSS class (.block-1 in the example above) which allows to address it as a single element. As said, a good understanding of CSS in general really helps. But keep in mind that Drupal creates a lot of classes out of the box (contrary to competitors, which output a blank page per default)