I setup the color with taxonomy and it work great in the calendar. The only problem is the legend do not use the color set in the settings at admin/config/user-interface/colors/taxonomy. I see the taxonomy in the legend but the color is not assign.

Thanks for help.


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After clearing cahe like 5 time and running cron it start to work ... it weird....

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Hi I am having this problem so I am reopening. I hope that was the correct thing to do. I can not get the legend block colors to match the calendar colors. I am using a term reference call Event Type. I set all the colors under the admin/config/user-interface/colors - for Taxonomy I am using. The color show correctly on the calendar but not in the legend - still set to the default color for all taxonomy terms. I tried run cache many times and cron, do not fix it. I even uninstall the module completely and reinstalled the lasted dev version dated 2012-Sep-18 on the module page show 7.x-2.0-rc+1-dev. I did this because of the path to fullcalendar issue it was the only way to get it resolved. I am also using the last versions of the following
ctools 7.x-1.2
views 7.x-3.5
Date 7.x-2.6
Drupal 7.15
Note I do have Calendar module enabled and set up to. I was trying to decide which one I was going to use for the site. I like the Full Calendar module better. However, I like to be able to show legends based on specific full calendar block views and for the main calendar. Thus need to colors to match. I they any way to create the legend with the views?
Thank you for the great module. Pam

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I have the exact same issue, need fix fast. any ideas?

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Try updating to the newest version of CTools, there was a bug there that broke this

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I have the lasted CTools installed 7.x-1.2. What can I do to help debug? What other information do you need?

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I am having the same issue.
I am using the most up to date version of all modules (but not dev versions)
I do NOT have the Calendar module installed and never did.
I'll play with it too. See if I can figure it out.

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Ok I been looking at the color trying to debug why I am not getting the colors on the blocks. I could not completely figure where the fullcalendar_legend even calls a function that would set the colors. Can you point me to it. Also, one then I noticed it the fullcalendar_colors.install have calls to _update_7200 and update_7201 where it looks like there are to be some fullcalendar_color_ variables. I do not see any in my variables table just fullcalendar_legend_type and fullcalendar_options. I was wondering if this could be the issue. I tried disabling the fullcalendar_color and fullcalendar_legend module, cleared cache, turn on again, run update.php, cleared cache. Nothing added. I also have fullcalendar_1.5.4.js installed. I would see why this would effect the legend but figure I mention it. Trying to help. Thank you.

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@pamreed: I think that fullcalendar/fullcalendar_legend/theme/theme.inc adds the classes for the colors as per the taxonomy term around line 67 in the function " _fullcalendar_legend_get_classes" My knowledge of php and Drupal is not yet good enough to do anything with this if it is where the classes for the colors are set. I did notice that configuring this block is presented differently when I add it to a theme region than when I add it as a panel in a page. With panels I'm asked what fullcallendar I want to use (though it doesn't put my one option in the drop down) In the theme region block it doesn't ask me what fullcalendar to associate it to (probably knows I only have one?) I doubt that this has anything to do with it, but thought I'd mention it in case.

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i found the easiest thing to do is make you own legends block out of tables. i just had in one side of the table the colours and the other the text. if anyone can figure out the taxonomy block though let me know .

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I was having the same problem, and eventually solved it thanks to @toffa36 in #9 and firebug. In the case of taxonomy terms, the Colors module adds css classes in the form .colors-taxonomy-term-[tid], so you can make use of these classes anywhere you like, provided the tid is available.

I thought I'd just write down the below in the hope it might save someone else the 2 hours this just took me!

1. make a simple block in Views, displaying taxonomy terms of type 'whatever' in a Grid (or Table). Call it something like "Legend: whatever". You should get a view with one field defined 'Taxonomy term: Name'.
2. add 'Taxonomy term: Term ID' and move its position to before 'Taxonomy term: Name'. This order is important to make the tid available to style the Name field.
3. edit 'Taxonomy term: Term ID', set field to "exclude from display".
4. edit 'Taxonomy term: Name',
- uncheck "create a label",
- go to the "style settings" section and check the box marked "Customize field and label wrapper HTML".
- select "DIV" as the wrapper html element.
- type ".colors-taxonomy-term-[tid]" in the text box and apply.
5. save the View and the block will appear in the Blocks admin section to place on your FullCalendar page or wherever you want.

Voila, a legend block with colour-coded background. The remainder of the styling doesn't match FullCalendar, but you can easily tidy up and prettify that in theming anyway.

If you add additional terms to the vocabulary, then all you need to do is set the colour using the Colors module and the new colour-coded term will automatically show up in your block. I guess you could also clone the block and repeat for additional term types and color schemes if you have them.

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Can you please check if you have the fullcalendar_colors module enabled? This puts the classes on the events (in fullcalendar_colors_fullcalendar_classes()). Also, in the Colors configuration, make sure your vocabularies are enabled, or the classes are not output.

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@tkbcreative I think I followed your instructions except I wasn't sure what you meant by text box in step 4. Did you mean the CSS class box?
I enabled colors on the taxonomy category in question but it doesn't appear in the block.

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@Patricia_W sorry for the delay although you've probably worked it out by now... yes, I meant the CSS class box.

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I'm having the same issue and have fullcalendar_colors module enabled.

I have 3 content types in the block. Two of them are showing the correct color, and one isn't for some reason. It still shows the default color. However in the fullcalendar view, the color is correctly displayed (on the same page).

Any help would be much appreciated.

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After struggling with this for awhile, I discovered that if you edit the legend block, there's an option called "Legend type". Change that to "Taxonomy" and the FullCalender Legend block will display the taxonomy colors.