I have tried to use this install profile under Aegir, but it is not recognised.

I have followed the advice offered here (http://omega8.cc/how-to-add-drupal-7-platform-properly-140) and removed the other install profiles and reverified the platform but with no success.

I am using PHP 5.2 and Nginx server as per the Barracuda/Octopus project.


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Figured it out.

The issue is a namespace one - the theme and the profile share the same name.

Changed folder name, and profile references form "arri" to "artipf" and install profile recognised by aegir.

Suggest you review and modify the zip as required.

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Hi, please don't use the d.o. hosted profile yet. The release is unpublished because I'm experimenting with setups to make it work with the drupal.org builder and right now it's not stable.

What do you mean arri and artipf? Where do I have that in code?

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I renamed the install profile so that it didn't use the same name as the theme.

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I renamed the install profile - from arto to artipf - so that it didn't use the same namespace as the theme name.

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I think maybe you renamed the Arti profile to something else. But this is the Touchpro profile issue queue so I'm not sure.
But I understand the problem and I'm fixing that this week. have fun with the demo site.

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Title: Aegir not recognising install profile » Aegir not recognizing install profile
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