If I am developing a module, how do i go about creating a pot file for that module?

Once I have a po file for the module, is there anything particular about uploading it? Or di I just treat it the same way I do the general po file?

Also - I notice in 4.5.0 that when I go into string manager and look for a string in a module i have installed (one of my own home-made jobs), then I can't find the string. Is this normal?


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POT files should be made by running the extractor.php script that comes with the Drupal POT files on the module's files. The POT file should then be added to the po subdirectory of your module's CVS directory. The strings shoul dsho wup in the string manager but only after you visited the pages they are used on and only if you have more languages _enabled_ (not only created) than the English default.
If you have troubles with a particular contrib project, please consider to file a support request. Thanks.