When i pass parameters filters in ajax with views the form is send correctly end i can see that i recieve the JSON response (firebug) wth the good results. But noting append and my div view (with the goog ID) is not refresh? It's like if it were no listener to wright the results.
Where can i look to debug ?



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Apparently i do not get the good ID (ex : view-dom-id-4024283d9e39556013ba108abe4ca184) in my response.
This issue is in a views BLOCK. In pages everything works fine.

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That is a very strange dom id. Usually the dom id is a numeric, and when sending an AJAX request the expected dom id should be part of the ajax request.

This makes me think something is changing the dom id on you.

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I'm trying to track down this issue with Views: http://drupal.org/node/1864800#comment-6861108 (has to do with a feature being added to Quicktabs to load content via AJAX).

After testing, it shows that the settings for the old DOM selector are stuck in the JS settings -- so Views continues to select the old view (which no longer exists).

This could be what's happening here with you..

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