Download commons-6.x-2.4.tar.gztar.gz 2.72 MB
MD5: c4ce45fdafa50ee82f3f7118007475b9
SHA-1: 1a2330eb9110e0525820282b50c4ef4a4fac8667
SHA-256: a05a395a25ee1a6e19e90c583bba5b5420a0db2a9e5882d62f9b960acd9cc4bc
Download commons-6.x-2.4.zipzip 2.86 MB
MD5: 4ed4ba31320ec56c57d6b32b2f0bb84e
SHA-1: 1971c09df2304d7f4a2f66f66ea1d946773cf615
SHA-256: f463fc5bb47cfb48fc5a835c070748bcba6df340dd7ba6ade068982423e507aa

Release info

Created by: ezra-g
Created on: 18 Jan 2012 at 22:15 UTC
Last updated: 19 Jan 2012 at 04:10 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Commons 2.4 contains product enhancements and security updates. Users are strongly encouraged to apply this security update.

Note, to get the fully packaged version of Commons, download Commons from as the release contains only the Commons feature modules and does not contain Drupal core or contributed projects.

Version announcements

Security updates

New Acquia Network connector

This release includes the Acquia Network Connector version 2.1. Subscribers to the Acquia Network can use the Connector to obtain an evaluation of their site's health and search engine optimization, using features that include Insight and SEO Grader.

Commons_release module is deprecated

Historically, Commons informed site administrators about new version of Commons or contributed Drupal modules by way of the Commons release module. Beginning with version 2.4, the Commons release module is disabled. Instead, use the Update status information on your Commons site at http://[site_URL]/admin/reports/updates to let you know when new versions of Commons or contributed modules are available.

Updated contributed projects

Commons 2.4 ships with up-to-date versions of all contributed modules and the Fusion theme, with specific version numbers and any patch files documented in the included drupal_commons.make file, as well as each patched project's PATCHES.txt file.

Thanks to new Commons contributors!

Having a robust open-source project means the participation of a wide group of individuals and organizations. We greatly appreciate your contributions! Thanks in particular to users lightsurge, jessehs, KrisBulman, ay13 and sheena_d!

If you'd like to help shape Commons, see the instructions at How to contribute to Commons.

Bug fixes

  • #1244998 (ezra-g): User relationships not working as expected
  • #1259980 (ay13): Comment action buttons in status stream need CSS love
  • #1261172 (ay13): Status entries on /statuses/term/* pages are inconsistently themed
  • #1268788 (KrisBulman, sheena_d, ezra-g): Fixes for alignment and overflow around node links
  • #1286728 (lightsurge): Using group filter on event page causes An illegal choice has been detected.
  • #1304386 (mikestefff): non-admins cannot edit a wiki once a group administrator marks it as 'Group sticky'
  • #1320980 (mikestefff, ezra-g): Users can't add description to poll
  • #1332352 (lightsurge, ay13): Group directory buttons are inconsistently sized/placed
  • #1342452 (ezra-g): Views is out of date in 6.x-2.x branch
  • #1348434 (ezra-g): Update.php errors when upgrading from 2.3 to dev version
  • #1366344 (mikesteff): Members view (/users) should check 'access user profiles' permission.
  • #1371960 (mikestefff): Group search is broken
  • #1376812 (jessehs): Uncommented line in .make file
  • #1378112 (jessehs): Password policy patch breaks drush make build
  • #1379350 (ay13): Unable to edit status updates.
  • #1400180 (ezra-g): Wrong datatype for second argument in on line 119
  • #1403966 (ezra-g): Date module is out of date, remove unnecessary contrib version #'s
  • #1407230 (ezra-g): Comment views don't fully enforce node access
  • #1407250 (laurentc, ezra-g): User 'Following' count is incorrect

Completed tasks

  • #1267412 (msonnabaum): Add views patches to improve performance
  • #1302984 (ezra-g): Evaluate and refactor exposed sorts on /groups listing
  • #1327506 (ezra-g): All views appear overridden in fresh install from 6.x-2.x make file
  • #1329720 (ay13, IceCreamYou): Update Facebook-status UI
  • #1335870 (ezra-g): Remove Commons_release from Commons
  • #1336886 (ezra-g): Remove id3 demo directory
  • #1348456 (ezra-g): Several contribs have updates available
  • #1348776 (ezra-g): Include patches for Activity_log & Digest default rules
  • #1348920 (ezra-g): Improve order of elements in Event creation form
  • #1352556 (mikestefff): Upgrade tagging module, don't enable for new installs
  • #1372364 (mikestefff): Remove distinct and add query/output cache to groups_newest_groups, most_active_users views
  • #1388678 (ezra-g): Include Activity log patch for Stream duplicates
  • #1406750 (ezra-g): Update OG, reconcile patches
  • #1407294 (ezra-g): Initial commit of Acquia network subcription feature from Commons GitHub repository with text tweaks and defaulting checkbox to enabled.

New features

  • #1329632 (ezra-g): Stub development make file.
  • #1363938 (lightsurge, mikesteff, ezra-g): Add strip_tags patch to diff
  • #1271130(laurentc): Add tidy node links widget
  • #1348912(laurentc): Addition of Mailhandler and Mailcomment modules for commenting via email

Installing Commons 2.4

For information about how to install Commons 2.4, see Installing Commons on a new server.

Upgrading to Commons 2.4 from Commons 2.x

IMPORTANT: If you're upgrading to Commons 2.4 directly from a Commons 1.7 installation, see the Upgrading to Commons 2.4 from Commons 1.7 section of these release notes.

To upgrade your server to Commons 2.4 from Commons 2.x, complete the following steps:

Preparing for the upgrade

  1. Back up your code (everything in your Drupal root directory) and your database.
  2. Open a web browser, and then log in to your site as the main administrator account.
  3. Place the site in "Off-line" mode. This allows database updates to run without interruption, and without displaying errors to visitors of your site. To change the mode, complete the following steps:
    1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance, where site_URL is the URL of your Commons server.
    2. Select the Off-line option.
    3. Click Save configuration.

Installing the upgrade

  1. Extract the new Commons tarball and copy the contents into your document root.
  2. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/update.php
  3. Follow the prompts to "Update" your server.
    You may see the following failed update from the OG module: ALTER TABLE og_uid ADD INDEX uid (uid)
    You can safely ignore this warning.
  4. In your web browser, open the Performance page at http://site_URL/admin/settings/performance, and then click Clear cached data.
  5. Open the Features page at http://site_URL/admin/build/features.
  6. Examine the list of Features, and for each feature with a State of Overridden, revert the feature. To revert a feature, complete the following steps:
    1. Click the Overridden link for the feature. A page opens that provides more information about the selected feature.
    2. Select all of the checkboxes relating to overridden components on the page.
    3. Click Revert components.
  7. Open the Triggered rules page at http://site_URL/admin/rules/trigger.
  8. Examine the list of Active rules, and for each rule with a Status of Modified, note their customized rules messages to allow you to re-enter them after the upgrade is complete.
  9. After you note each of the customized rules messages, click the revert link to the right of the Modified status entry for each rule. Note: It should not be necessary to revert your customized rules messages during future Commons releases.
  10. Open the Activity Log page at http://site_URL/admin/settings/activity_log, and then click Clear all message caches.
  11. Select the Regenerate Activity tab (http://site_URL/admin/settings/activity_log/regenerate), and then click Regenerate.
  12. Re-enter any customized rules messages you reverted as part of this upgrade procedure on the Triggered rules page (http://site_URL/admin/rules/trigger).

Completing the upgrade and restarting your website

Allow your visitors to access your web site by returning your site to "Online" mode:

  1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance.
  2. Select the Online option.
  3. Click Save configuration.

Upgrading to Commons 2.4 from Commons 1.7

To upgrade your server to Commons 2.4 from Commons 1.7, see the instructions at Upgrading to Commons 2.x from version 1.7.


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