This results in missing menu items.


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I've just been testing this for a project I'm working on and it appears to be fine for me. I'm curious as to what you mean by it doesn't clear the cache?

In my situation I have several menus along the top (ie. main menu) and I setup menus that are removed based on the second set of options (roles selected cannot view the menu) and for others I used a combination of both the top and bottom set of options (roles selected can view and roles selected cannot view).

Using the same client (firefox), I've logged out and logged in as several different roles (three) and the menu appearance has been as I have configured.

Perhaps your situation is different. Maybe if you document the menu structure your using, the roles you have, how you have configured the menus for the roles, the behaviour your experiencing and the behaviour you expect, then the maintainer will be able to get to the bottom of the problem.

I'm also willing to find bugs as this module is extremely useful (I personally think it should be a part of core Drupal, with an API as well as the configuration options, but that's just me).



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Actually we need a new D7 maintainer for this module. I'm really only working with D6 now.

Thank you.

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Had the same problem in Opera and Chrome under Linux. Only appears to be an issue when using the "hide" function. The "show" functions works as expected.

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Thanks for this, I was using the 'hide for anonymous' function, switched to 'show for authenticated' now.


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On the last dev version of the module and with the last version of Drupal 7 core. I can hide a menu link using the "hide" section and log in/log out and the menu item appears (or not) as expected.

If you still have the problem, please provide the steps to reproduce.