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I have to reset the field permissions every time I edit a field. Resets to default (no access) after every save.


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You wouldn't happen to be using the contrib module Login Toboggan, do you? I'm investigation a problem that sounds like yours and I've tracked it down to Login Toboggan.

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Yes I am using it.

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Just for reference, it sounds like there's another conflict with LoginToboggan too: #1407564: CSS conflict with logintoboggan, prevents using Custom Permissions (field_permissions module)

But if I understand this issue correctly they are actually not the same bug...

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Hello there!

I am having the same issues on our site. However, I'm not using LoginToboggan. Do you have any other suggestions on what this could be?

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

If anyone is experiencing the same thing now, could you provide more information here? A few things could be happening.

Some questions:

- Do other settings on the field save properly? -- Label, Help text, Number of values, etc?
- If you set the permission to "Public" or "Private" do those options stay (in other words, is this purely an issue with the "Custom Permissions" option?
- Do the settings seem to work otherwise? (Are custom permissions applied, even if they're forgotten?)
- Is there any chance you're trying to save the permissions on a per-instance level, instead of a per-field level? (In other words, saving a Body field as "public" on Articles, then seeing values overridden for the Body field on a Page.)

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I have a 'List (text)' field on a RedHen Contact (7.x-1.12) entity type. I also have LoginToboggan (7.x-1.5) enabled/configured. I've tested editing the Label, 'Help text', 'Default Value', and 'Allowed values list'. All these actions remove the custom permissions I had setup.

In Console, I get this Error when I have the edit page open for the list field:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'preAuthID' of undefined
(anonymous function)	@	logintoboggan.permissions.js?ohc8gv:41
jQuery.extend.each	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:611
jQuery.fn.jQuery.each	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:241
$.fn.once	@	jquery.once.js?v=1.2:55
Drupal.behaviors.permissions.attach	@	logintoboggan.permissions.js?ohc8gv:17
(anonymous function)	@	drupal.js?ohc8gv:76
jQuery.extend.each	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:605
Drupal.attachBehaviors	@	drupal.js?ohc8gv:74
(anonymous function)	@	drupal.js?ohc8gv:504
fire	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:974
self.fireWith	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:1084
jQuery.extend.ready	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:406
DOMContentLoaded	@	jquery.js?v=1.8.3:83

Other details that may help:
Core (7.52)
Field Permission (7.x-1.0-beta2)
I also have jQuery Update (7.x-2.7) configured to use jQuery 1.8 for frontend and default for backend/admin
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Hi granticusiv

Have you tried applying the patch from https://www.drupal.org/node/1365764#comment-10286257 ? That preAuth error points to that.

Also, the 7.x-1.0 full release of Field Permissions is a more recent version and should at least warn you if you are getting this console error (and not lose your permissions). Can you try upgrading and see if that helps?