Several region templates have double dashes in their names. Camino and several other browsers seem to mis-interpret that as an end comment and cause serious layout damage.

I suggest changing all comments like this:
</section><!-- region--sidebar.tpl -->

to just a single dash like this:
</section><!-- region-sidebar.tpl -->

The user should still understand what section is ending and no breakage occurs in some (lesser used) browsers.

#2 tpl-comment-1406704.patch1.45 KBechoz


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What? Really?

That's fubar. I can't replace "region--sidebar.tpl" with "region-sidebar.tpl" because the double-dash one is the filename. And the filename can't be changed.

Blargh. But the comment does need to be changed. Maybe just use the PHP version of the hook suggestion instead of the filename version? e.g. region__sidebar instead of region--sidebar.tpl. :-\

Who wants to write the patch?

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I ran into this problem with FF 3.6 which also can't handle the double dash within a comment.

Patch #2 worked for me.

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Thanks, Rad and Elly! You're in the maintainers list now.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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forgot to wrap code in code tags