How can I show the image title info without the "i" button at the top?
I dont want the users to push the button, i want the title to display somewhere by default.

Thank you..


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I think that is part of the classic interface. You can see it on

But you could add some css rules in your theme to force the description to appear or the info to disappear:

/* Display the available text and/or description. We set this !important otherwise a click on the box would make it disappear (offset the javascript toggle functionality) */ 
.galleria-info-text {
  display: block !important;

/* Hide the "i" (information button) and "x" (close button). We set this !important to offset the javascript toggle functionality */ 
.galleria-info-close {
  display: none !important;

Hope this helps...

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A cleaner solution is to add the property


and set it to


in the configuration for the Galleria set.

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Where do I add this property? I tried to "Data config" and "Extend" in settings view.
The solution to force CSS, it worked, but I would like the option to hide the title.