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I just installed this module and this is what I did

  1. Get a flickr api key and enter it in the Configuration->Flickr Settings page
  2. Go to Configuration -> File Types and click on the Manage file display for the Video row
  3. In enabled displays check "Flickr Photoset"
  4. Then under "Display Settings" click Default display, enable Flickr Photoset and configure the width, height, and autoplay
  5. I configured a Preview display and enabled Flickr Preview image. Under the Flickr Preview Image, set the image preset that you want to use.
  6. Go Structure -> Content Types and either create new type or edit the type that you want to add flickr albums to
  7. I added a field called album_3rdparty of type file with widget Embedded Media Field
  8. Under Manage Display for this field for the Default display set format to Rendered File and mode to Default
  9. For the Teaser Display I left it hidden for now but you want to set it to a different mode if you want to display the preview image in the teaser instead of the full photoset
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The new follow button (to the right of the issue summary) works way better than subscribe comments :D.

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Status: Active » Fixed

thanks for the excellent instructions. I will link to this issue from the project page for now.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I'm having trouble replicating this, as well as the module home page instructions.

First off, while the module home page refers to the Embedded Video Field Module as a dependency for this module, the emvideo module seems to have disappeared from the Emfield module, with which it used to be packaged. I'm using Emfield 7.x-1.0-alpha1 and there are no embedded video, audio or image modules included (they are also explicitly deprecated in the Emfield 2.x branch).

Maybe this is why I can't replicate the instructions above. I have no "File Types" option on my Configuation page, and therefore don't seem to have any options for controlling display of the Flickr photoset (height, etc.). Perhaps as a result, I have no Manage Display options for my field other than Generic File.

I have got things working in a basic way using a different method. Instead of using a File field type, I use a Media Asset field, and set the display to Original. This renders a slide show (with thumbnails) using Flash. However, I have no control over the display, such as size or autoplay.

I'm not at all sure if I've got things installed and configured properly or if I've missed a step somewhere, so any help would be appreciated.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

I'm not sure this is actually fixed. On a fresh install, the module doesn't add a video/flickr mimetype alias and make it available for the video file type which causes all photosets to be rejected when uploading. I've created a patch here #1847060: Unable to embed Flickr Photosets. Credit really goes to those which solved the exact same issue on media_youtube, media_vimeo and media_ustream.

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the output I'm getting is just an image url. For some reason.

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This is for drupal 6 not drupal 7, because no : field called album_3rdparty of type file with widget Embedded Media Field , it`s only exist @ drupal 6

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@rachelnicolewhite, what version of media do you have? If its 7.x-2.0-unstable7 then you will need to look at and apply the patch and make a database update.

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@ardianto, what are you saying? The instructions I posted most definitely are for D7. You have to add a field to your content type yourself. Call it whatever you want.

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Ok, had a whole big post up here then finally figured out that the reason I wasn't able to reproduce bkat's instructions was because I did not have Embedded Media Field installed. Note it is not a requirement for Media: Flickr to have EMF installed, but if you do, you can follow bkat's instructions and easily embed Flickr photosets into nodes. Yay!

Also note that is you grab the embed code from Flickr using the Copy Clipboard option, it appears to put an extra slash into the URL, which form validation in Drupal will reject with a 'found no valid media at that URL' error. Just remove the extra slash from the URL you got from Flickr, and re-submit. Works like a charm.

Thanks, bkat!

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I removed this post because I figured out the problem (see above), and everything I posted is now moot. No need to bloat the queues. :)

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I'm running 7.x-2.0-alpha3+0-dev of media:flickr, and I have 7.x-1.0-alpha2 of Embedded Media Field.

I've made some progress since my last post...

I added a flickr field to a custom content type I have, following your instructions. However after I do that, whenever I try and paste an url to a flickr set, it says "gallery_flickr: Found no valid media with that url."

I know I'm doing something wrong along the way, I just can't figure out what exactly, I'll be working on it today as well so I I come across anything / am able to get it functioning I'll come back and add that information here.

Even when I paste the share url, and remove the extra slash like @ccshannon did above, I still get the invalid media url error message.

EDIT: I fixed it!

I don't know what I did. I just started over, and now things work great. I applied that patch as well that @bkat linked to, cleared my cache, rebuilt the media types, and now it's working. Couldn't tell you how I did it, lets blame this one on human error.

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Do I understand this right?
In order to display photosets from Flickr you need to use the emfield and emvideo modules and the "file" field used by the media module will not work. This means that a single field will suffice for all other forms of media except for flickr photosets and they require a separate workflow to accomdate and are unavailable for dynamic use site wide? (i.e. everytime I want to add a specific photoset to a piece of content it has to be added manually, not through the media browser)

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Hi bkat,

I followed your instructions to add content. In the step 7, there is no option to choose Embedded Media Field. There are two options: file and Media File Selector. I am using Drupal 7. However I chose Media File Selector, but I couldn't get this module working.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Do you have Embedded Media Field module installed and enabled?

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Hi there, thanks for the great instructions. I take it once it's set up, you paste the url of your slideshow into the field?Now I'm just getting a black box :-( any ideas what I've done wrong?

You can see it on this page: - the gallery below is a text area field that I used to embed the slideshow. Not ideal for other non-technical travel writers ... so I'm reallly hoping this will work.

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I eventually got this to work. Here's my notes if it helps anyone - there may be caching issues, so recommended that you clear the cache regularly as changes didn't always take immedicate effect!

# Add flickr api key.

# Configure 'video' file types - manage file display.

    # Enabled displays.
    Enable:     Flickr photoset

    # Display settings, configure the width, height.
    Width:     560
    Height:    340

# Configure content types to add flickr photosets.

    # Add new field.
    Type:     File
    Widget:   Embedded file selector  (***Note: not as the tutorial notes*** #18)

    # Field settings.
    Upload destination:     Public files

    # Custom display settings.
    Disable:  Teaser

    # Manage display.
    Format:     Rendered File
    View mode:  Default

# Clear cache.
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Category: support » feature
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

With the Media 2.x-branch embedding Flickr photosets is impossible. I hope this will be fixed.

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This is working for me. I'm using Media 7.x-2.0-alpha2 and Media-Flickr 7.x-2.0-alpha3. Look at comment #4 above as you need to set up a new content type in order for Flickr photosets to work. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for telling me which versions of Media you use. I have just tried to solve the problem by using 1.x versions only and that didn't work too. I think I have followed the steps of comment #4 every time I tried to get it working, but maybe I'm missing one tiny detail or something.

Have you installed Embedded Media Field (emfield) too? I have and I have selected the Embedded Media Field as widget type. Then I get to choose between Flickr and Public as destination (which one do I use?) and there are the options 'Enable Display Field' and 'Files displayed by default'. Do I have to select (one of) them? Would you mind checking that out in your installation? Thanks in advance.

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Embedded Media Field 7.x-1.0-alpha2 is installed. I've attached screen shots showing the settings I've got. I defined "photoset" for Flickr.

When creating the field, choose Public files as the upload destination. I can see that confusion now as I look through what I did again with Flickr photos as an option.

Do not check either the enable display fields or files displayed by default boxes.

Hope this helps.

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Wow, thank you! I have followed your example, so the content type must be ok. Then I created a new node with that content type and pasted the url of the photoset into the field photo_album. Something strange happened when I saved the node though: it is turned into an image-file and it is no longer the link to the photoset.

This is the link to the photoset I used:

I also removed the / at the end, but this didn't change the outcome.

Before posting this reply, I checked both the content type and the file types and everything seems to be ok. Still, my photoset seems to be treated like an image instead of a video.

I added some screenshots to show the results I get.

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With Media 2.x you need to go through steps similar to 2-4 in comment 4 above.

1. Select Structure -> Filetype -> Video
2. Check the Flickr photoset box under the Manage File Display tab, Default view and save the settings.
3. Select the Teaser view and check the Flickr photoset box again and save settings.

This is necessary because Flickr sets are generated as Flash slide shows and Flash is considered a video type.

NOTE: I may have misunderstood your last comment. If you directly entered the URL into a node that may not work. You need to make sure that you're adding content via the Media browser using something like a WYSIWYG editor. When you do, then use the Web tab and paste your URL in that way as this will allow the Media Flickr module to do its thing and properly define the set as media. Once you finish and save your node/article/page/etc. then the set should function like a slide show in Drupal.

I did notice an issue with pasting a Flickr image set URL into the Add media from Flickr admin option - the Media Flickr module says the URL is not a valid photo URL. But if you enter the URL via the WYSIWYG editor and select the Web tab (which shows Flickr as a supported source) then the URL is considered valid.

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Issue summary: View changes

Got it working with the above tips. Though i'd like to add a tip of my own. Do not forget to edit the Media File Selector settings in your content type to get the media browser accepting the photoset video format instead of the image format.

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If you are to the point where you see the "black box" but no slideshow loaded, it is somehow related to the way the flash application caches objects across all browsers on your/the users machine. I find it extremely frustrating to run into things like this and hear "just clear your caches", because it always sounds more like an excuse to fix some erratic problem and not really a solution. That being said, the solution to the black box problem - according to Flickr themselves [ ] is to right click on the black box (the flash object) and select global settings, then clear the caches.

Its probably worth deprecating the flash support since it doesn't work on iDevices, and is cranky on users machines. I'll file a separate issue for this though.

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It might be worth checking if the revised Flickr module satisfies your needs. The 7x-1.5 version has a lot of new features, among others embedding the slideshow.

The demo includes an example of both the Flash and non-Flash slideshow. It can be added in a block, node body or as a field. Besides a set, it takes also a user or group photostream.

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Component: User interface » Documentation
Category: Feature request » Support request
Status: Active » Fixed

Moving this to a support req. Any patches goes into #1847060: Unable to embed Flickr Photosets.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.