Regarding my comments about "terrible UI" in #1400318: PDO exception when youtube video URL has additional parameters appended

I'm upgrading an existing D6/emfield site to D7/something. The media module UI as it stands is far too complex to use for this. All my users need is a field into which they can paste a YouTube URL and have that validated - they know how to do this.

I'd really prefer not to use a modal dialog for this. It's a bit unexpected, operates unlike any other similar field, and just confuses some users, and you can't tab to the URL field, which will really annoy others.

So the overriding question deciding whether or not I will use Media module is: can I provide a simple text field input for a remote video URL, without the modal overlay?

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Title: Provide a simple URL input field without modal overlay » Provide a simple media_internet file widget with an URL input field
Component: User interface » Media Internet

I think this is a good idea to have media_internet provide it's own field widget for file/image/media fields.

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Would it make more sense for Media Internet to declare its own form element and then use that in the field widget? I can see use cases where custom modules may want to use the element in their own forms that don't have anything to do with Field API.

Disclaimer: I don't know all that much about declaring form elements (hook_element_info and the like). Perhaps this actually doesn't make sense.

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This will also have to play nice with #1553114: Adding files should be a multi-step process when that path is ready.

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+1 on this development. This would also probably be an easier way to address the concerns in the current field configuration raised by moonray and me in #1694456: Restrict field to only web videos; remove/hide file upload sections.

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Filefield sources handles different sources without needing a modal window. IMO this approach works well as it progressively enhances an existing filefield form element instead of completely replacing it with the popup. Essentially they are doing the same thing; filefield sources just keeps the different source links (Remote URL, File Browser, Upload) at the form element level making it easier to configure at a lower level before any modals happen.

I could try and take a look at this if it is deemed feasible/plausible. Thoughts?

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I definitely like the way Filefield Sources does it (I use it on a lot of sites). So my thoughts are that kind of interface is a great path to pursue!

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Embedded Media Field module provides an embedded media widget for file fields.

One thing to note, this widget does not have post settings "Allowed remote media types" and "Allowed URI schemes" to limit media types.

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Sorry for the way i attached this files

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