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Viewing the media library

Users with the Edit media permission are given access to another tab titled Media on the content administration page.

Media Tab
Media tab on the content administration page.

Selecting the tab will bring the user to the media administration page which lists all of the multimedia added to the media library.

The media library can be viewed in two different ways: as a list of files or as a list of thumbnails.

File List
Media library list view.

Thumbnail List
Media library thumbnail view.

Deleting media from the media library

Users with the Edit media permission are given a delete option whenever they view a piece of multimedia content.

Content Delete Tab
Content delete tab.

An option to delete one or more pieces of multimedia content is also provided on the media administration page.

Media Library Delete Option
Media library delete option.

Importing media into the media library

Users with the Import media files from the local filesystem permission are given an "Add file" option on the media administration page.

Media Library Add Media Link
Media library add media link.

Selecting the option will open up a modal dialog box which contains a form that allows the user to select a file from their local machine to upload.

Media Library Add Media Dialog Box
Media library add media dialog box.

After selecting a file and submitting the form, the user will be redirected back to the media administration page where the file will now be displayed in the media library.

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gr8britton’s picture

We currently use this for our Intranet. We have several thousand nodes and dozens of content editors. All of their images go into the same Media library. Needless to say, it is unruly to manage, at best.

How can we setup a different library based on the user's Workbench Access?

toastytheog’s picture

Is your comment a question or request for support? Take it to the forums. Questions are not answered here, and comments not providing useful information are removed. -Taken from "Note:" when posting to documentation

That being quoted, upgrade to the dev 2.x version. The UI is improved as seen here

pal4life’s picture

Not sure which forum to post this, adding it here.
Is there a way to enable the search functionality in the media manager?


agnosticdev’s picture

Yeah, I am also dealing with a large library of images and looking for a searching solution.

Devin Carlson’s picture

Media and File Entity integrate with the Administration Views module to replace the file overview page with a Views-powered equivalent, adding additional functionality such as the ability to search for a file by filename.