I would like to customize the url's address after "submit button" is pressed and validated. To be able specify a unique url or get set JavaScript on submit like "onclick="parent.Lightbox.end('forceClose');" would be very useful to me.


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Status: Active » Postponed

Nice idea.

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Is Javascript the preferred method of handle this @jcventura? That doesn't seem very Drupal-y.

Is there not a hook to change the path on a form-by-form basis?

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There's no method to handle this yet. No hook, and no Javascript. That's why this is a "postponed" issue in the "feature request" category. Feel free to create the patch and change the status to "needs review".

Other than that, this will be done when I have the time to do it.

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still waiting for this feature...
I hope I can change(ex. page from where we access printmail link in case we add printmail link in any page manually) or remove the redirect page address after email submitting...

cc @jcnventura :)